Welcome to Go Eat Give!

Go Eat Give is the only organization that offers hands-on volunteer vacation opportunities in Cuba!

Go Eat Give is a 501(c)(3) registered non profit organization with a mission to raise awareness of different cultures through food, travel and community service. We showcase the authentic cuisine and culture of counties through volunteer vacation programs, Destination dinners, cooking classes and our award winning blog. We believe that by learning about the way people live, what they eat at home and believe in, you get to understand them better. By creating positive enriching interactions, we hope to end stereotypes, bigotry and violence.

 Go Eat Give Volunteer Vacations offer a unique way to travel, where you work in the community, learn about the food, as well as see a country, much more than an average tourist would. Our tours are the most sustainable way to travel, combining the perfect balance of sightseeing, relaxation, activities and volunteer work. We partner with other smaller non profit organizations abroad, that very often do not have resources for marketing or fundraising. By bringing awareness of such organization on a global level, we are able to support programs at orphanages, schools, health posts, feeding programs and women’s empowerment centers throughout the year. A portion of proceeds from the program fee is invested back in the community abroad, therefore Go Eat Give travelers always leave a part of them behind at the destination. 

Go Eat Give Destination Dinners are held every month in Atlanta. We showcase restaurants that serve authentic cuisine, speakers on important topics relevant to that country, and artists to educate the crowd about the culture. Destination Dinners are a great way for the entire family to escape to another country for an evening, and more than just a dinner and a movie! The events are open to the public and portion of the proceeds are used towards administrative costs of running the organization. 

Go Eat Give organizes hands-on international Cooking Classes at homes of chefs throughout Atlanta. Learn to prepare original recipes by experienced chefs in the comfort of a private home. Check our calendar for what’s coming up next. 

Go Eat Give is about connecting people, places and palates.

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