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El Salvador

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Tours that give back

EcoExperiencias is not just a tour operator in El Salvador. It is a family run tour company that has a mission to …

indigo clothes

World’s best organic indigo

When synthetic indigo came to market at the end of the 19th century, it virtually wiped out the indigo farming industry worldwide. …


El Salvadorian Pupusa

Pupusa is a traditional El Salvadorian dish made with a thick corn tortilla stuffed with fillings of pork (chicharrón) , mashed refried beans, …

vacation at a coffee farm

Coffee getaway

If you are looking for cool air, warm sun, lush greenery and an insight to coffee making, El Carmen Estate in El Salvador offers …


Latte with love

El Salvador is well known for its coffee. Well, due to increased competition, it probably doesn’t get the much deserved recognition on …