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A Travel Writer’s Must Have Apps

Have you downloaded hundreds of applications on your smart phone, preparing for an upcoming trip, only to realize you never used them? …


20 Homemade Tea Recipes

Tea production, tea brewing, tea ceremonies and tea drinking, are an integral part of many different cultures. Every region favors its own …

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Debit card skimming and bank frauds

Wikipedia’s definition of skimming refers to a form of white-collar, a slang term that refers to taking cash “off the top” of the daily …

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Ten Tips for Travel Safety

Whether you are going to New York City or Nairobi, it is important to be a responsible traveler. Often times, tourists fall …

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Is it safe to travel abroad?

It boggles my mind when people ask me, “Is it safe to travel abroad?” Eyebrows rise when I tell someone I am …