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Peru travel guide

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Bangalore, India: Offering More Than Technology

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Share it now!India seems to have becomes a popular destination for many in recent years. In addition to the 5 million visitors each year, there are the corporate executives looking to expand business, spiritual seekers headed to an Ashram, novelists … Continue reading

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Eat Round the Clock in Montreal

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Share it now!The city of Montreal is just across the border, yet an entire world away. Crowned as City of Festivals and Paris of North America, the French influences are found everywhere from architecture, language, culture to cuisine. While there … Continue reading

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24 hours of adventure..and danger!

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Share it now! I never thought one could have so many adventures in less than 24 hours! For starters, our flight from Atlanta was delayed, which left us with a very tight layover in Paris to get our connection to … Continue reading

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Fes Express

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Share it now!Fes or Fez is the oldest imperial city in Morocco and its old town is now a UNESCO world heritage site. While it was not in our original itinerary of touring Morocco, Leslie, Cheryl and I made an … Continue reading

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