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700 years of Tuscan wine making

I met world renowned 32nd generation Tuscan wine maker Diletta Frescobaldi in Florence, Italy last Fall. A soft spoken, petite Italian lady, she maintained a non flamboyant demeanor, for someone who owns of the most esteemed wineries in the world.

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Timeless Fashion from Italy

Italy has long established itself as the fashion capital of the world. Many famous designers and name brands have originated from Italy and spread their fashions around the world. It is not surprising then that the first Gucci museum in … Continue reading

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Top five meals in 2012

Each year, I share with my readers the five best meals I have eaten that year. This is always very hard to do, as I get to enjoy many of the finest restaurants in the world. In this year alone … Continue reading

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Florence restaurant guide

You can find some of the best pizza, lasagna, ravioli, and gelato in the world in the heart of Tuscany in Florence, Italy. The Italian food you find here is obviously very different from the Americanized Italian version found elsewhere. Only … Continue reading

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If they are roses (and other Italian superstitions)

I am a big fan of realistic books on culture and travel. Someone said  “language is one of the most immediate ways to get to know a culture.” If They are Roses – The Italian way with Words by author Linda Falcone, editor The Florentine … Continue reading

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Recap of Florens 2012

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Bizzaro Gelato

I was extremely excited when I heard about a “gelato for dinner” chefs event as part of Biennial Enogastronomica Fiorentina and Florence Culture and Heritage Week. If you have been following my blog regularly, you would know that I am the biggest lover of … Continue reading

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A Tuscan Gastronomic Market

It is no secret that Florence is one of the best cities in Italy to eat. You can find fresh and local Tuscan fare at practically any restaurant or cafe you walk into. But the Biennial Enogastronomica Fiorentina is a … Continue reading

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Will trade for food

Le’Maiala is the first barter restaurant in Florence. It is the only place where you can bring items such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil or wine from home and exchange it for dinner at a nice restaurant.

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Go Eat Give is going to Florence!

Fondazione Florens has picked six international bloggers to go to Florence this November as part of the official ‘Team Florens’ including Sucheta Rawal, of Go Eat Give from Atlanta, GA! A number of Italian publications are calling Go Eat Give … Continue reading

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