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What will you eat in Greenland? Part 1

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Share it now!Research shows that 50% of travelers chose a destination based on the food. That may be true when you are planning a trip to countries that are globally renowned for their food – Italy, Spain, India, Mexico, Japan … Continue reading

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Difference between Spanish and Mexican paella

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Share it now!If you missed my presentation at Taste of Travel stage at the San Diego Travel Adventure Show, you didn’t get to taste my delicious paella. But all is not lost. You can still watch some clips from the … Continue reading

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The Artisans of Old Quito

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Share it now!Quito is not just Ecuador’s political capital but also a beautiful city with colonial architecture, well preserved Catholic churches, Spanish squares and cobblestone streets. While its easy to get overwhelmed by the must-see attractions Old Quito offers, it … Continue reading

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Florens 2012: A big success!

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Share it now!Last week, I attended Florens 2012, the Florence Culture and Heritage Week in Florence, Italy. It was one of the most memorable conferences I have attended so far, and for several reasons. One, I got to meet the … Continue reading

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Will trade for food

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Share it now!Le’Maiala is the first barter restaurant in Florence. It is the only place where you can bring items such as vegetables, fruits, olive oil or wine from home and exchange it for dinner at a nice restaurant.

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Introduction to New Mexican cuisine

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Share it now!Although New Mexico is one of the oldest states in the continent United States, its cuisine is very different from the rest of the country. Influenced by Spanish and Mexican settlers, the modern day New Mexican cuisine sits … Continue reading

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Myths and facts of Rio

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Share it now!They say you never truly know a place till you actually go there yourself and experience it first hand. People warn you, advise you, paint a picture of a destination for you. But everyone has their own lens of looking … Continue reading

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Top 5 must eats in Rio

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Atlanta Food and Wine favorites

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Share it now!The second annual Atlanta Food and Wine Festival took place this weekend in Midtown Atlanta. With three days of over 80 demonstrations, private dinners and tastings, the festivals was one of the best experiences foodies could have. Chefs, authors … Continue reading

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Amsterdam eats

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Share it now!I learned that citizens from 180 nationalities call Amsterdam home. That explains the variety of cuisines you can find here. On a single street there are restaurants from India, Thailand, Malaysia, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, Japan, Brazil, China and more! … Continue reading

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