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Benefits of spices on the human body

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Detox with spices

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Share it now!Often times “spice” is used synonymously with “heat.” Spices are generally used to impart flavors to food, and not all spices are hot. When people refer to spicy food, they are thinking curry, red chili and strong flavors. … Continue reading

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Thandai at the Taste of Atlanta

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Share it now!Taste of Atlanta got a special treat from India today. As part of the “Spice of Life” segment at the “Inside the Food Studio” stage, I talked about different spices and their benefits, and share with participants a … Continue reading

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Curry Masala

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Share it now!Curry Masala is the only Indian restaurant in Rapid City. “Someone has to serve the vegans, vegetarians and gluten and dairy allergic people” says Al, who is doing the community a service as well as running a successful … Continue reading

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Not your everyday chicken curry

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Share it now!Chicken curry is a popular dish in India, served at every household and restaurant. The preparation however varies from region to region. The Karwar version of the chicken curry includes coconut and a concoction of spices. These are … Continue reading

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An undiscovered gem from southern India

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Share it now!Karwar is a small town on the western coast of India, just south of Goa. It was an ancient site of sea trade visited by the Arabs, Dutch, Portuguese, French and later the British.  Karwar is still known … Continue reading

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Cooking Fusion in your home

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Share it now! In my attempt to stimulate your global palette, this is the second post in a series of Fusion cooking.  These are just some tips that will veer your creativity in the right direction. Keep in mind, there … Continue reading

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